Advisory Council to Qaboos bin Said al Said of Oman, 1970 OMAN




  • Jordanna Yochai
  • Joshua Neudorf
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Oh, man… Oman. Sitting at the foot of the Persian Gulf, the Sultanate of Oman has historically been the gateway to the riches of the Arabian Peninsula. In 1970, however, Oman was so much more. An absolute monarchy with a population smaller than Long Island but larger than the Vatican, Oman was strategically located and rich in oil and gas, poised to succeed in the international system.

Unfortunately, however, Oman’s potential for economic growth, social progress, and international involvement was purposefully stifled by its absolute monarch, Sultan Said bin Taimur. All this, and some international intrigue, sparked a bloodless coup d’etat that changed the face of the region. As advisors to Qaboos bin Said al Said, you will be challenged to develop a modern, independent nation in the face of Cold War pressure. It is your national duty to usher Oman into the 20th Century –– or watch as it descends into anarchy.


Committee Members

  •  Mahmoud abu Layla - Minister of Defense
  •  Muhammad al-Tanawy - Minister of Royal Office
  •  Ali al-Koulily - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  •  Ahmed bin Saud - Minister of Interior
  •  Abdullah al-Faruq - Minister of Finance
  •  Hussain bin Khalid al-Sheikh - Governor of Muscat
  •  Ibraheem bin Khokhar - Minister of Civil Service
  •  Said bin Adnan al-Fuad - Minister of Health
  •  Ishaq al-Kamibir bin Saleh - Minister of Justice
  •  Abdulhakim al-Sabra - Minister for Oil and Gas
  •  Fahad al-Abbasi - Minister of Religious Affairs
  •  Yusuf al-Salalah - Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries
  •  Othman al-Amin - Minister of Commerce and Industry
  •  Jaabir al-Daoud - Minister of Education
  •  Ikram al-Ghaffari - Minister of Information
  •  Hisham al-Salloum - Minister of Labor
  •  Osama abu Samira - Minister of Environment and Climate Affairs
  •  Lakhdar al-Khidr - Minister of Municipalities and Water Resources
  •  Yejlis al-Kursi - Minister of Tourism
  •  Mustafa Kaya al-Turki - Minister of Sports Affairs
  •  Ziad bin Said al-Rahman - Minister of Social Development
  •  Saddiq Darwish bin Tawfiq - Governor of Dhofar
  •  Omar Ali abu Nasser - Minister of Housing
  •  Sultan Hamid al-Khaliji - Minister of Transport and Communication
  •  Khalid al-Masri - Minister of Emergency Preparation