Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign, 2007 OBAMA




  • Christian Metivier
  • Carter Squires
Email Committee Chair

The first decade of the 21st century has changed history forever. Tax cuts and economic growth have made the American economy prosper, but not without risky deregulation and a dramatic increase in income inequality. More Americans than ever before are without healthcare coverage, and we face the tremendous challenge of reforming how we educate and train ourselves to compete in the age of globalization. The Bush administration’s policies have polarized and greatly affected the nation; we are fighting two wars, with seemingly no end in sight for either, and the socioeconomic and cultural fabric of the country has changed. Enter into this a young first-term senator from Illinois. Barack Obama was a law professor, community organizer, and state senator before first going to Washington in 2004 and turning heads at the Democratic National Convention. He has a name but lacks the experience that many of his rivals claim to hold. Nonetheless, as the Bush administration comes to a close, the choice before the American people is an important one. Bush is widely seen as a lame duck, and many pundits have remarked that the actions and policies of a presidential candidate in such an environment will be scrutinized just as much as a regular incumbent. As a delegate, you will be assembled with a group of campaign aides, thinkers, influencers, notables, and others with the goal of getting Barack Obama through the grueling 2-year road to the White House. This journey will be arduous, as you use technology and media in new ways, and run a campaign that redefines politics in the 21st century. You will have to create policies on the go just as a real candidate would, as opposed to releasing them all at the beginning. You will have to deal with the logistical constraints of running a campaign, the scandals, the breaking news, the trials and tribulations, and will have to shake a lot of hands and kiss a lot of babies. The road is long and hard. Senator Obama has been asked if he can do it. His response: Not alone. But together? “Yes we can”.


Committee Members

  •  David Plouffe - Campaign Manager
  •  David Axelrod - Media Strategist
  •  Robert Gibbs - Communications Director, Messaging and Policy Advisor
  •  Anita Dunn - Communcations, Research and Policy Adviser
  •  Steve Hildebrand - Deputy Campaign Manager, Iowa Specialist
  •  Joen Benenson - Chief Pollster
  •  Betsy Myers - COO
  •  Penny Pritzker - National Finance Director
  •  Eric Holder - Senior Legal adviser and Member, VP Search Committee
  •  Bill Burton - National Press Secretary
  •  Cornell Belcher - DNC Pollster
  •  Devorah Adler - DNC Research Director
  •  Shauna Daly - Deputy Research Director
  •  Alyssa Mastromonaco - Scheduling and Advance Coordinator
  •  Cassandra Butts - Policy adviser
  •  Dan Pfeiffer - Travelling Press Secretary
  •  Matt Rodriguez - New Hampshire State Director
  •  Jon Carson - National Field Director
  •  Christina Reynolds - Director of Rapid Response
  •  Neera Tanden - Director of Domestic Policy
  •  Julia Karon - University of Chicago Intern
  •  Denis McDonough - Chief Foreign Policy Aide
  •  Susan Rice - Senior Foreign Policy Advisor
  •  Samantha Power - Journalist and Foreign Policy Academic
  •  Dennis Ross - Foreign Policy Legal adviser
  •  Philip Gordon - Europe adviser
  •  John Brennan - Foreign Policy and Intelligence Adviserr
  •  Howard Learner - Environmental and Energy Policy Adviser
  •  Austan Goolsbee - Chicago Economist, NYT Columnist, Economic Adviser
  •  David Cutler - Health Economist
  •  Joe Rospars - New Media Director
  •  Michael Slaby - CTO
  •  Jon Favreau - Chief Speechwriter
  •  Ben Rhodes - Speechwriter
  •  Chris Hughes - Developer of Facebook, Software Developer for the Campaign
  •  Oprah Winfrey - Renowned Television Personality
  •  Will Smith - - Renowned Actor
  •  Warren Buffett - Investor
  •  Claire McCaskill - Co-Chair; Missouri Senator
  •  Tim Kaine - Co-Chair; Governor of Virginia
  •  Paul Hodes - Co-Chair; NH-7 Representative