Cabinet of Mexico, 1990 MEXICO




  • Jack Haynie
  • Dan Rowe
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In the past thirty years, the United Mexican States have displayed tremendous economic growth and human development. In this committee, delegates will replicate some of the most influential moments in Mexico’s history. This period was led by President Carlos Salinas de Gortari of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional (PRI or Institutional Revolutionary Party). His presidency marked a number of economic reforms, with a goal of modernizing Mexico through his National Development Plan of “Protecting sovereignty, Democracy, Economic recovery, and Improving the living standard.” These ambitions were not just in writing, as Mexico’s government rapidly pursued policies to implement these development plans. On the international level, the North American Free Trade Agreement began its negotiations in 1991. Domestically, the administration passed numerous Church-State reforms and electoral reforms. In the south of the country, the Zapatista Movement sparked in 1994 which led to a libertarian-socialist secessionist state. These critical moments have impacts which are still seen today.

Truly everything is happening to Mexico at this time. How will you choose policies which protect our nation, while also ensuring rapid growth? Should the Catholic Church maintain its power as it had for centuries, or perhaps modernization comes at a cultural cost? What do we do with new industries, such as oil? Should we create special economic zones which may hurt the environment in order to stimulate our economy? All this, and more, must be answered in the days of our committee. I have no doubt that in the course of our time together, we will be tested by crises of all types; from labor to logistical, and financial to foreign. Get it wrong and history will never forgive us. Get it right and we will be responsible for engineering an era of Mexican prosperity and excellence on the domestic and international scale.


Committee Members

  •  Finance minister - Pedro Aspe Armella
  •  Budget and planning minister - Ernesto Cedillo
  •  Minister of the interior - Fernando Gutierrez Barrios
  •  Minister of public education - Manuel Bartlett Diaz
  •  Foreign minister - Fernando Solana Morales
  •  Minister of labor - Arsenio Farrell Cubilla
  •  Agriculture - Carlos Hank González
  •  Minister of Defence - Antonio Riviello Bazán
  •  Attorney General - Enrique Álvarez del Castillo
  •  Environment - María de los Angeles Moreno
  •  Ricardo Ruano - PRI candidate
  •  Diego Emilio Márquez - Academic, cartographer, zoologist
  •  Jorge Carpizo McGregor - Head of national human rights commission
  •  Antonio Riva Palacio - President of Senate
  •  Gonzalo Martínez Corbalá - President of the Chamber of Deputies (Mexico)
  •  Emilio Azcárraga Milmo - CEO Grupa Televisa
  •  Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco - CEO of Grupo Mexico
  •  José Antonio Fernández Carbajal - CEO of Femsa
  •  Carlos Slim - Owner of Grupo Carso
  •  .
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