Cabinet of Japan, 1960 JAPAN




  • Thadeus Obora
  • Ritik Shah
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World War II is well behind us, and so too is the American occupation of the Japanese home islands. Time now for Japan to determine its own fate and future. However this will not be an easy task as many obstacles lie ahead. Will Japan make it through the economic hurdles of the late 20th century? Can Japan establish itself as a reliable player on the international scale? How will Japan deal with domestic turmoil? These are all questions that need to be addressed by the most influential political and corporate figures in Japan. You, as delegates, will have the power to shape the identity of Japan in an unprecedented era of its history a as the twilight years of the Showa dynasty approach and Japan begins to fulfill its postwar aims, it is up to you to make the coming years really represent the title “Miracle of Japan”.


Committee Members

  •  Kiyoshi Kawashima, CEO of Honda Motor Company
  •  Minister of Economy, Trade, and Industry
  •  Minister of Foreign Affairs
  •  Minister of Justice
  •  Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
  •  Minister of Health, Labor, and Welfare
  •  Executive Director, NHK (Largest Broadcasting Service)
  •  Minister of State for the Environment
  •  Minister of Defense
  •  Minister of Finance
  •  Minister of Culture
  •  Minister of Education, Science, and Technology
  •  Head of Japan National Railways, later Japan Rail
  •  CEO, Hitachi Limited
  •  CEO, Toshiba Corporation
  •  CEO, Mitsubishi Industries
  •  CEO, Sony Corporation
  •  CEO, Toyota Motor Company
  •  CEO, Nissan Motor Corporation
  •  Director, Japan National Railways
  •  Eisaku Sato, PM 1964-1972
  •  Takeo Miki
  •  Kakuei Tanaka
  •  Takeo Fukuda
  •  Masayoshi Ohira
  •  Masayoshi Ito
  •  Zenko Suzuki
  •  Ambassador to NATO