International Rescue Committee IRC


  • Topic A: Thai Refugee Resettlement in the United States, 2005-2012

TOPIC A Thai Refugee Resettlement in the United States, 2005-2012



  • Hannah Buonomo
  • Aleena Tariq

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is one of the largest and most impactful non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the world. The IRC operates in dozens of countries and responds to the world’s most pressing humanitarian crises. Delegate will simulate the IRC’s governing board in order to get a better understanding of the processes and the complications unique to NGOs, which are so often taken for granted in large committees.

By simulating the International Rescue Committee’s Leadership Board, delegates will have a better appreciation for the difficulties of distributing humanitarian aid. This committee intends to demonstrate the process by which the IRC disburses funding, plans the initiatives they support, and the ways they decide how much and for how long they intend to provide this support, both financial and logistical.

The IRC will run as a hybrid format, meaning it contains both traditional resolution writing and crisis elements, including both notes and crisis updates. Crisis experience is not required to participate. The background guide will contain a detailed explanation of the structure of committee and delegate expectations.


Committee Members

  •  Amanda Seller: Senior Vice President, Global Partnerships and Philanthropy
  •  Ciaran Donnelly: Senior Vice President, International Programs
  •  Jennifer Sime: Senior Vice President, United States Programs and Awards Management Unit
  •  Madlin Sadler: Senior Vice President, Operations and Strategy
  •  Oscar Raposo: Chief Financial Officer
  •  Ravi Gurumurthy: Chief Innovation Officer
  •  Ricardo Castro: General Counsel
  •  Alyoscia D'Onofrio: Senior Technical Director, Governance
  •  Barri Shorey: Senior Director, Economic Recovery and Development
  •  Bob Kitchen: Director, Emergency Unit
  •  Brian Johnson: Chief Human Resources Officer
  •  Chris Honsberger: Chief Global Supply Chain Officer
  •  Colleen Ryan: Vice President, Communications
  •  Danusia Dzierzbinski: Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  •  Ellen Beattie: Senior Director of Program Quality, United States Programs
  •  Em Fackler: Chief Information Officer
  •  Hans Van de Weerd: Vice President, United States Programs
  •  Isabella De Mattia: Co-Acting Senior Directors, Strategy
  •  Ben Wise: Co-Acting Senior Directors, Strategy
  •  Jeannie Annan: Senior Technical Director, Research Evaluation and Learning
  •  Judson Flanagan: Vice President, International Operations
  •  Kristin Kim Bart: Senior Director, Gender Equality
  •  Mania Boyder: Vice President, Development
  •  Mesfin Teklu Tessema: Senior Health Director
  •  Michael Burlingame: Vice President, Marketing
  •  Mireille Cronin Mather: Vice President, Awards Management Unit
  •  Nazanin Ash: Vice President, Public Policy and Advocacy
  •  Nicole Behnam: Senior Technical Director, Violence Prevention and Response Technical Unit
  •  Ourania Dionysiou: Vice President, International Development
  •  Patrick Poulin: Acting Regional Director, Pacific West - United States Programs
  •  Phil Woollam: Vice President, Strategic Growth
  •  Robin Dunn Marcos: Senior Director, Resettlement and Processing
  •  Sanna Johnson: Regional Vice President, Asia
  •  Sarah Smith: Senior Technical Director, Education
  •  Susan Ringler: Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  •  Tracy Reines: Regional Director, United States - Atlantic