Indian Ocean Rim Association IORA


  • Topic A: Managing Fisheries and Aquaculture
  • Topic B: Utilizing Ocean Energy and Resources

TOPIC A Managing Fisheries and Aquaculture

TOPIC B Utilizing Ocean Energy and Resources



  • Rohan Gandhi
Email Committee Chair

The Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) is a body established in 1997 of 21 member states bound together by the Indian Ocean. The purpose of the body is to promote socio-economic cooperation throughout the region, focused on the Indian Ocean which brings the member states together. The IORA contains over 2.7 billion people of incredibly diverse lives and cultures. Cooperation and mutual understanding is key to working towards a better future for all nations around the Indian Ocean Rim.

Topic A, Managing Fisheries and Aquaculture, seeks to address the use of the fish filled waters of the Indian Ocean for feeding a rapidly growing population in the region. As the demand for fish grows, member states must plan for how to preserve the wild fisheries of the Indian Ocean for the future, as well as consider the aspects of planned aquaculture. Topic B, Utilizing Ocean Energy and Resources, concerns itself with the vast energy and mineral resources the Indian Ocean provides. Sharing and sustainably using these resources will be essential for the benefit of all member states. In both Topic A and B, delegates will need to balance the needs of today and tomorrow, as well as develop cooperative strategies in order to plan for the future.


Committee Members

  •  Australia
  •  Bangladesh
  •  Comoros
  •  India
  •  Indonesia
  •  Iran, Islamic Republic of
  •  Kenya
  •  Madagascar
  •  Malaysia
  •  Mauritius
  •  Mozambique
  •  Oman
  •  Seychelles
  •  Singapore
  •  Somalia
  •  South Africa
  •  Sri Lanka
  •  Tanzania, United Republic of
  •  Thailand
  •  United Arab Emirates
  •  Yemen