International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL


  • Topic A: International Drug Trade
  • Topic B: Piracy

TOPIC A International Drug Trade

TOPIC B Piracy



  • Jack Huguenin
Email Committee Chair

The International Criminal Police Organization (ICPO), commonly referred to as INTERPOL, is an international organization headed in Lyon, France. Its charter is simple: to help police organizations around the world share data about crimes and criminals. MUNUC 33 will simulate INTERPOL’s annual meeting, where delegates will coordinate efforts to attack two topics: drug trafficking and piracy. The illicit drug trade worth $360 billion and sophisticated cartels essentially control large swaths of Mexico, Colombia, and Southeast Asia. As for piracy, modern-day pirates continue to be a threat to ships and trade, especially in developing regions such as the Gulf of Guinea and Strait of Malacca. Delegates who are ready for an exciting weekend of debate will thrive in INTERPOL, which will pit international police forces against international criminal organizations.