Herbert Hoover’s Cabinet, 1929 HOOVR




  • Ethan Della Rocca
  • Maddy Moore
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Greetings fellow citizens. The year is 1929 and the future looks bright. America have never yet seen such progress, innovation, and opulence in her history. For years the stock market has been booming, wealth ever-expanding, and millions of Americans are achieving what they once could only dream of. There are naysayers among us who warn of bad times ahead. These critics might fail to see that under the new leadership of Herbert Hoover, the only way forward is up. Yet still it is true that although many citizens have seen their fortunes grow over the past years, there are still too many Americans whose lot in life has seen little change. We must ensure that this prosperity reaches all Americans, no matter who he or she may be. What’s more, organized crime still rampages across cities and towns throughout America, with good, hard-working, American citizens are seemingly defenseless against their wrongdoings. How can good Americans thrive when such criminals are allowed to roam free? As Herbert Hoover takes on the office of the presidency, we are tasked with continuing this decade of success and making America truly prosperous for all, whatever hardships she may face. The success of this cabinet and of Herbert Hoover himself rests squarely on ensuring that every man, woman, and child, leaves this coming decade better off than when they entered it.


Committee Members

  •  Secretary of State: Henry L. Stimson
  •  Secretary of the Treasury: Andrew W. Mellon
  •  Secretary of War: Patrick J. Hurley
  •  Attorney General: William DeWitt Mitchell
  •  Postmaster General: Walter F. Brown
  •  Secretary of the Navy: Charles F. Adams
  •  Secretary of the Interior: Ray L. Wilbur
  •  Secretary of Agriculture: Arthur M. Hyde
  •  Secretary of Commerce: Robert P. Lamont
  •  Secretary of Labor: James J. Davis
  •  Co-Founder of Hull House: Ellen Gates Starr
  •  Administrator of Veterans Affairs and Director of Veterans Bureau: Frank T. Hines
  •  Director of the Bureau of Investigations (FBI): J. Edgar Hoover
  •  Secretary of the USDA: Arthur Mastick Hyde
  •  President of the National WTUL: Rose Schneiderman
  •  Founder of Texaco: Joseph S. Cullinan
  •  President of the RCA: Major General James G. Harbord
  •  President of the AFL: William Green
  •  Farmer’s Holiday Association: Milo Reno
  •  President of the WCTU: Ella Alexander Boole
  •  Founder of Standard Oil: John D. Rockefeller
  •  Chairman of the Federal Reserve: Roy A. Young
  •  Co-Founder of Hull House and of the ACLU: Jane Addams
  •  Founder of Ford Motors: Henry Ford
  •  Chief of National Guard: MG William G. Everson
  •  Co-Founder of NAACP: W. E. B Du Bois
  •  President of the International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union: Benjamin Schlesinger
  •  Chairman of the FTC: Edgar A. McCulloch
  •  Head of J.P. Morgan & Co.: Thomas W. Lamont
  •  President and CEO of General Motors: Alfred P. Sloan