The Experimental Committee: US Presidential Advisory Committee on Technological Development EXP




  • Max Johnson
  • Kelsey Gilchrist

A challenge designed to test the mettle of experienced and enthusiastic delegates, MUNUC’s first Experimental Committee will employ special mechanics to test the boundaries of what can be done in Crisis. You will be a member of a special advisory committee directly under the supervision of the President of the United States. Your goal will be to guide the country through a series of technological advances that have fundamentally shaped the world as we know it. The executives of this committee have carefully selected a series of pivotal moments that committee will have to confront from the better part of the twentieth and twenty-first century.

As society attempts to structure itself to account for new inventions, ideas, and products, the committee will have the opportunity to use the hindsight of the past decades to rewrite history for the better. Will the advisory council be able to better adapt to technological progress? Or will we be doomed to make many of the same mistakes that have happened historically? The choice is yours.

Given the nature and difficulty level of this committee, there will be an application released during the fall. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your committee executives.