The Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice CCPCJ




  • Lucia Geng
Email Committee Chair

As the principal policy-making body of the United Nations in the fields of crime prevention and criminal justice, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) provides a forum for member states to discuss how crime can be best combatted both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, in addition to efficacy, the CCPCJ places an emphasis on ensuring fairness in crime prevention and criminal justice.

During this year’s CCPCJ, delegates will discuss the topic of prisoner rights, with a special focus on prison conditions and the rights of incarcerated juveniles. Unlike previous CCPCJs, this committee will run in a never-before-seen format. During the first stage of committee, delegates will build on the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Administration of Juvenile Justice (“the Beijing Rules”) and draft a convention outlining guidelines for the treatment of detained juveniles. During the second stage of committee, delegates will be assigned to teams of prosecution or defense and utilize their convention in a trial-like simulation. Delegates will be challenged to think about justice in new ways over four days of great debate during CCPCJ at MUNUC 33!

Despite this unconventional format, delegates do not require previous mock trial or crisis experience to participate and succeed. The background guide will contain a detailed explanation of this committee’s structure as well as expectations for delegates.