Charles De Gaulle’s Cabinet, 1962 CGAUL




  • Jack Haynie
  • Christian Métivier
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This is a pivotal time in the history of the fifth French republic. Due to the events of the past years, we are at a crossroads in many aspects of our governance. In a post-Suez Crisis world where foreign relations are increasingly dominated by the United States and Soviet Union, we must find a way to carve out or influence and maintain our independence and influence. This might mean supranational Europe, tighter relations with West Germany, the United Kingdom, other European countries, or perhaps new ties to countries farther away. We are still a strong military power that is nuclear armed, and the people still want to see France being strong on the global stage, with or without NATO. We must also decide where to lead our economy: how to tax our people, spend our money, and where to concentrate our research and development resources. How shall we balance agriculture and heavy industry? Who shall we partner with abroad? And shall we put up with the exorbitant privilege of the US dollar for any longer?


I have no doubt that in the course of our time together, we will be tested by crises of all types; from labor to logistical, and financial to foreign. Get it wrong and history will never forgive us. Get it right and we will be responsible for engineering another era of French prosperity and excellent on the domestic and international scale. It’s time to set a course for our country. Welcome, delegates, to the politics of grandeur.


Committee Members

  •  Georges Pompidou-Prime Minister
  •  Maurice Couve de Murville-Foreign Minister
  •  Pierre Messmer-Minister of the Armies
  •  Roger Frey-Minister of the Interior
  •  Véry Giscard d'Estaing-Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs
  •  Michel Maurice-Bakanowski-Minister of Industry
  •  Gillbert Grandval -Minister of Labour
  •  Jean Foyer-Minister of Justice
  •  Christian Fouchet -Minister of National Education
  •  Jean Sainteney-Minister of Veterans Affairs
  •  François Missoffe-Minister of Repatriates
  •  Edgard Pisani-Minister of Agriculture
  •  Louis Jacquinot-Minister of Overseas Territories
  •  Marc Jacquet-Minister of Public Works and Transportation
  •  Raymond Marcellin-Minister of Public Health and Population
  •  Jacques Marette-Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
  •  Alain Peyrefitte-Minister of Information
  •  Gaston Palewski-Minister of Scientific Research and Atomic and Space Questions
  •  Louis Joxe-Minister of Administrative Reform
  •  Jacques Maziol -Minister of Construction
  •  André Malraux -Minister of Cultural Affairs
  •  Robert Galley -Minister of Housing
  •  Jacques Baumel-Secretary General of the Gaullist Party
  •  Louis Le Puloch-Chief of Staff of the French Army
  •  Georges Cabnier-Chief of Staff of the French Navy