Cabinet of Armenia, 1920 ARMENIA




  • Andre Altherr
  • Devin Haas
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Between 1920 and 1924, the Armenian people faced a tumultuous and hopeful time. Over this brief span, they went through secession, war, revolution, and the formation their First Modern Republic’s constitution, government, and state. Like any burgeoning nation, Armenia needed to renegotiate diplomatic ties with Russia, the Ottomans, as well as her new neighbors. The young country also faced mounting problems at home; the Russian exit left Armenia without industry, jobs and power. With the rise of a new political faction – the Armenian Revolutionary Federation – anticipation around the impacts that the treaty of Sèvres will have and mounting tensions. As the Ottomans work with the Bolsheviks to financially disable the new Armenia, the 1920s pose a variety of challenges to this fledgling nation. In this committee, Armenian leaders will be challenged with solidifying their existence as a nation, dealing with conflicting internal political ideologies guiding visions for the future of the nation, forming friendly relations and peacefully keeping enemies at bay while simultaneously providing for her citizens.


Committee Members

  •  Alexander Khatisian - politician, journalist
  •  Simon Vratsian - PM, statesman (RMA)
  •  Hovhannes Kajaznuni - PM, arrested by Bolsheviks, liberated in 21 revolt
  •  Aram Manukian - ARF statesman
  •  Drastamat Kanayan (Dro) - politician, military commander, Minister of Defense (ARF)
  •  Garegin Nzhdeh - Statesman, strategist, ARF
  •  Catalicos George V
  •  Sargis Musayelyan
  •  Hamo Ohanjanyan
  •  Sebouh Nersesian
  •  Stepan Zorian
  •  Haig Sarajian - Statesman, author, control of baking and golf industries
  •  Kris Audri Chantalian - Foremost economist, chairman of the Central Bank
  •  Krikor Krikorian - Primary city architect, owns several hospitals
  •  Rahan Kachian - Minister of Food, owner of wheat farms
  •  Central Bank Intern
  •  Ani Kabbendjian - Minister of Culture and Social Affairs
  •  Aram Tufenkian - Controls rug trade throughout Armenia
  •  Raffi Nersesian - Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure
  •  Armen Stepanian - Minister of Power, Media, and Communications
  •  Garo Simonian - Minister of Natural Protection
  •  Hovanes Khupatyan - Minister of Justice
  •  Levon Shakmatian - Chess legend
  •  Arev Babikian - Minister of Trade, Imports, and Exports
  •  Nikol Chopian - instrument manufacturing tycoon, owner of the theater
  •  Rabo Karabekian - Chief of the Board of Arts
  •  Dymer Agasaryan - Minister of the Olympic Commission
  •  Anoush Hagopian