Arab League ARL


  • Topic A: Oil Resources and Regional Conflict
  • Topic B: Struggling Youth and Future Economic Problems

TOPIC A Oil Resources and Regional Conflict

TOPIC B Struggling Youth and Future Economic Problems



  • Anushka Shivaram
Email Committee Chair

The Arab League is a group of 22 member states in the Middle East and Northern Africa that promote common goals of member countries, coordinate similar policies between countries, and strengthen the bonds between countries that are different in many demographic
and cultural features. Founded in 1945, the League agrees on defense and economic cooperation, and discusses relevant issues, such as education, scientific progress, cultural diversity, and petroleum. The league has five major committees: political, economic, social and
cultural, legal and Palestinian affairs that each country has a vote in. The members of the Arab League have cooperated numerous times since its inception, but they have also been at odds in regard to issues like the Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq and numerous civil wars that have occurred in its member states. Many of the current issues that the Arab League discusses in its summits include regional conflicts, petroleum issues, economic growth, counter-terrorism, women’s rights and military force.

This committee focuses on petroleum issues and economic growth in regard to the youth in the Arab League. Like in many conflicts around the world, the presence of oil is raising the stakes and the tensions in different countries in the Middle East. Oil fuels international conflict through resource wars, in which states try to acquire another state’s resources by force, petroleum aggression leading to risky foreign policies, corruption of government and oppression of people, international conflicts over oil market price domination, and terrorist recruitment in oil reserves. Different from the oil issues in the Arab League, the problems surrounding the youth in the Arab League are less violent in some cases, but equally as important. In the case of Arab youth, job opportunities begin to greatly decrease over time. Arab youth as a whole, have one of the greatest unemployment rates out of the entire world. A report done by The Arab Human Development found an unemployment of Arab youth at 30%, nearly doubling the worlds unemployment at 14%. With an increase in youth population, as well as lack of education the job market is inflated. With little optimism for future education and employment many Arab youth consider leaving their countries to seek opportunities, leading to a brain drain in many Arab countries. This issue puts the future of each Arab country, as well as the future of the Arab League, at risk.