Algeria’s National Liberation Front, 1956 ALGR




  • Sydney Janitschke
  • Aakaash Rao
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The year is 1956. The battle for Algerian independence has raged in the capital and the countryside for two years, with no end in sight. The Front de Libération Nationale (National Liberation Front) seeks to topple the imperialist regime, and it must contend not only with the might of the French Empire, but also with internal conflicts: religious groups with radically different ideas for the nation, settlers who have lived in Algeria for generations, corrupt warlords who see the devastation as an opportunity to seize power. And even if the FLN succeeds in driving out the French, what then? Will you be able to unite ethnic and religious groups who have been at odds for centuries, lay the foundation for sustainable growth that can alleviate Algeria’s grinding poverty, and negotiate a Cold War minefield of shifting allegiances and treacherous allies? As the military and civilian leaders of the FLN, the future of Algeria is in your hands.


Committee Members

  •  Chief of Logistics and Statistics - Rabah Bitat
  •  Chief of Science and Technology - Maurice Audin
  •  Chief of Media and Press - Mostefa Lacheraf
  •  Chief of Justice and Constitutional Affairs - Hocine Ait Ahmed
  •  Chief of Agriculture - Abane Ramdane
  •  Chief of Transportation and Infrastructure - Ali Kafi
  •  Chief of Military Operations - Houari Boumediene
  •  Chief of Naval and Marine Resources - Mostefa Ben Boulaid
  •  Ambassador to the United Nations - Lakhdar Brahimi
  •  Chief of Housing - Mourad Didouche
  •  Chief of the Treasury - Ahmed Ben Bella
  •  Chief of Energy and Environment - Ferhat Abbas
  •  Chief of Corruption and the Civil Service - Ahmed Gaid Salah
  •  Chief of Foreign Affairs - Krim Belkacem
  •  Chief of Female Affairs - Zohra Drif
  •  Chief of Religious Affairs - Kaid Ahmed
  •  Chief of Education - Djamila Bouhired
  •  Chief of Labor - Mohamed Khider
  •  Chief of Health - Sadek Hadjeres
  •  Chief of Intelligence - Larbi Ben M’hidi
  •  Ambassador to the United States - Saadi Yacef
  •  Ambassador to the Soviet Union - Colonel Amirouche
  •  Chief of Urban Development - Mohamed Khemisti
  •  Chief of Rural Development - Ali La Pointe
  •  Chief of Education and Youth Affairs - Youcef Zighoud
  •  Chief of Recruitment - Henri Alleg
  •  Chief of Berber Affairs - Bachir Hadj Ali
  •  Chief of Trade - Mohamed Boudiaf
  •  Attorney General - Ali Boumendjel
  •  Chief of Oil and Mining - Samia Lakhdari